It was the year 90, for those dates Isaac was 15 years old, deeply influenced by a family in which music was a priority he went to his usual record store on a bicycle and traveled many kilometers to mitigate his musical concerns, there he began a career plagued of objectives achieved.

He started big working at the best clubs of the moment, but it was not until his residency at BCM (Top 5 Club in the World by DeejayMagazine) when his career took off, he shared a booth with the best DJs in the world and was promoter of BCM 8 years.

Then came almost all the rooms and festivals of the island and obviously the neighboring island with performances in Space, Privilege and El Divino regularly. In addition to touring Europe and Asia with his music.

Meanwhile, he began to make his first forays into the world of production, his first track was “I like the way you work it” from the series The Monarch, with a great sales success, then there would be great collaborations with people of the size of Chus & Ceballos, Wally Lopez, Kyodai, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax and remix great artists such as Pig & Dan and Wagon Cookin. It has releases in labels as important as IRecords, Stereo Productions, Purple Music, Dowbledown, Piston, Audiphille Deep, Pressed for Time, Stick and Baroque among others, all this with its original name or under other akas like Tatsu, Green Man, Coming Soon Frequencies, The Monarch or Dope the Mind.

In the world of compilations, he has not done badly recording for Tempo Music the three compilations of the Professional Djs saga, the special series of Lanikai Sesions and several compilations of Puro Urbano.

He has owned a couple record labels throughout his career, including Virus Discos Underphone, Esuoh and Malo Records with Sebas Ramis. Currently focuses his passion on two very different labels, but both directed together Cesar Del Rio, the first Induction Muzic dedicated to house underground in all its variants, and the second Coming Soounds focused as Isaac says to tech-house with a lot of soul.

His personality covers a wide spectrum of styles, which is why he is considered a versatile dj able to alternate sessions of Deep House and House with a more Tech-House, always being faithful to his vanguard taste in what he considers underground.

He currently resides in the Puro Group through SUM, and in Garito Café in Palma de Mallorca.